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Access microloans in cryptocurrency for quick funding needs. Secure small loans backed by crypto assets. Borrow and lend seamlessly in the crypto ecosystem. Explore microfinancing opportunities in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Empower your financial endeavors with crypto microloans.

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Create an Account

Create an account on the Hommies Website using your phone number or email. Visit our registration page and provide either a valid email address or phone number. Verify your account via email or SMS, and complete your profile with any additional details. Enjoy access to exclusive features and receive important updates.


Create Offers

Users can create USDT payment offers effortlessly on our platform, ensuring smooth transaction processes.


Avail offer

When availing an offer, Hommies are locked based on the amount of USDT taken, ensuring transaction security and stability. This process ensures reliable exchange and supports our ecosystem's integrity.


Active Loans

When purchasing a loan, it appears in the active loans section, providing visibility and management convenience.


My Lending

"My Lendings" display loan cards managed by you, allowing updates to their status as active or inactive.