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Hommiestoken uses blockchain technology to provide a secure and hack-proof way for users to store their personal documents, including identity documents, education documents, and more. With Hommiestoken, users can be confident that their personal information is safe and protected from theft or fraud.

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Create an account on the Hommies Website using your phone number or email. Visit our registration page and provide either a valid email address or phone number. Verify your account via email or SMS, and complete your profile with any additional details. Enjoy access to exclusive features and receive important updates.


Document Storage

Access 15 GB of free document storage on the Hommies website to securely store and manage your important files. Enjoy convenient access and peace of mind with our reliable storage solution.


Purchase Plans

Purchase additional storage plans on the Hommies website using Hommies Token. Choose from various plans to expand your storage capacity conveniently and securely.



Organize your documents efficiently with multiple folders on Hommies. Create dedicated folders for specific purposes to manage and store your files effectively.